The Lyn Taylor Company

A Home Staging Company

When you combine a marketing degree, a lifestyle design editor and a Realtor you get the mother, daughter, daughter team of The Lyn Taylor Company, a Home Staging Company. As a Realtor, Valerie, would frequently go into houses and talk about the possibilities that, most often, the buyer could not see. While earning her Accredited Staging Professional credentials, her experience was verified by the statistic that 77% of buyers have trouble seeing the possibilities in properties. Sharing this information with her daughters, Cydney and Alexandria, the three got very excited about utilizing all their experiences and skills to set scenes that help buyers see those possibilities. And as all three will share, “Home staging is a unique type of design. We aren’t designing for an individual — we are suggesting a lifestyle for many. We keep the focus on the features of the home, not on our design choices.” Again, the statistics prove this technique is effective in helping sellers sell their property faster and for a better asking price.

The Lyn Taylor Company

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