The Healthcare Resort of Waco

Opening Summer 2015

The Healthcare Resort of Waco is changing the way healthcare is being delivered to greater Waco. This new healthcare resort provides short-term rehabilitation and assisted living in a hospitality based environment. At Healthcare Resort of Waco, we don’t have patients – we have guests. Unlike other healthcare facilities, we offer concierge-style conveniences and outstanding amenities that create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The Healthcare Resort of Waco offers luxurious accommodations including a salon, a movie theater and a pub. We provide several dining options-each a true culinary experience that blend international cooking techniques with seasonally inspired ingredients.
For the Healthcare Resort of Waco, the employees are a critical component of our success and prestige. Each of our employees, from nurses to staff, take pride in where they work. We offer a higher nurse to patient ratio than most healthcare facilities, and each nurse is committed to helping our guests. If you’re interested in experiencing the next generation of healthcare, call 254/644-7176.

The Healthcare Resort of Waco

Legends Crossing
5801 Crosslake Parkway