The Cove

Ending Youth Homelessness

The Cove is a nurturing drop-in center serving youth ages 14-18 that are experiencing homelessness in the Heart of Texas region. In the 2020–2021 academic year, in Waco ISD alone, 237 high school students had no place to call home. 78 of those were unaccompanied, meaning they had to figure out housing without a parent/guardian. The Cove is a safe space for youth to access showers, washer and dryer, dinner, virtual learning services, tutoring, case management, and more. The Cove remains open through the summer, providing free lunches and social supports through caring relationships. This school year, The Cove has served over 50 teenagers within its drop-in center, provided over 700 rides to school, work, or a safe place to spend the night, and has paid for over 80 nights of hotels for emergency housing for youth 18+. To learn more, visit Thecovewaco.org.

The Cove


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