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Relationships Matter

As the oldest bank in McLennan County, TFNB Your Bank for Life knows that relationships matter, and are proud of those relationships with their customers and employees. This month they honor some of the amazing women who are making a difference in the business and community. Dortheia Love, Senior Vice President/Senior Operations Manager, has worked in banking for 38 years. “It has been amazing to see the opportunities for women, and how they have really grown over the years,” Love said. “Our bank looks to promote from within and has empowered the women to make decisions and are very supportive of our decision-making process.” Jacaranda Vigil, Vice President/Lender, has been in banking for nearly 15 years and says TFNB is special because it is true community banking and in 2019, she enjoys that women are able to be more active and visible in the banking community. Dana Gonzales, Assistant Vice President and Loan Processor, has worked in banking for 24 years and says that as a woman banking has been an “amazing career.” “Never boring if you pursue and strive to learn every avenue of it and it is very rewarding,” Gonzales said. “I started as a motor bank teller in 1995 and have worked in seven different departments since then. To see and reflect on the growth within myself and banking, especially the roles women play in that world now, is extremely gratifying.” Christy De Leon, CPA, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for TFNB said being a woman in banking today is, “Exciting!” “There are significant opportunities for women to provide leadership in community banking,” De Leon said. “We each bring strengths and unique perspectives that contribute positively to our organization and communities.” Find out more about TFNB Your Bank For Life at tfnbtx.com or visit one of their three locations in Waco and McGregor.

Pictured left to right: Jacaranda Vigil, Vice President/Lender; Dana Gonzales, Assistant Vice President and Loan Processor; Christy De Leon CPA, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer; Dortheia Love, Senior Vice President/Senior Operations Manager.

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