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Congratulations to Texas Oncology–Waco for winning the Best of Waco award for oncology practice and Texas Oncology–Waco medical oncologist, Ofobuike N. Okani, M.D., FACP, who has earned the Best of Waco award for oncologist. Texas Oncology medical oncologists Carl Chakmakjian, D.O., and Thomas J. Harris, M.D., placed second and third, respectively, for the oncologist award. Texas Oncology provides comprehensive, evidence-based cancer care at two locations in Waco. Both locations provide medical oncology, including chemotherapy infusion services, and radiation therapy is provided at the location on Highway 6. Diagnostic imaging, laboratory services, pharmacies, support groups, financial counseling and genetic risk evaluation and testing are also available. With more than 150 promising clinical trials each year, our research has played a pivotal role in developing more than 100 of the latest FDA-approved cancer drugs. Knowledgeable physicians, nurse practitioners and other healthcare providers work as a team to customize treatment for each patient. They have years of experience in treating cancer and blood disorders and remain by the patient’s side throughout treatment. Most patients receive care in an outpatient setting so they can stay near their support system of family and friends. Texas Oncology has also expanded its telemedicine service to ensure ongoing access to care for patients. Texas Oncology provides compassionate care for more than 55,000 new cancer patients each year through an extensive network of more than 500 physicians and 210 locations throughout the state.

Pictured left to right: Carl Chakmakjian, D.O.; Tyler Snedden, M.D.; Thomas J. Harris, M.D.; Rachel Ramsey, NP, AOCNP; Carlos Encarnación, M.D., FACP; Ofobuike N. Okani, M.D. FACP; Dawn Turner, RN, FNP-C, AOCNP; Justin W. Wray, M.D., Ph.D.

Texas Oncology in Waco

Texas Oncology–Waco
1700 West State Highway 6

Texas Oncology–Horizon Circle
6520 Horizon Circle

Best of Waco Winner

Oncology Practice, 2017-2021; Oncologist, Ofobuike N. Okani, M.D., FACP, 2017-2021; Oncologist, Carl Chakmakjian, D.O., 2017-2021; Oncologist, Thomas J. Harris, M.D., 2018-2021