Talitha Koum Institute

“My child, rise up!”

In the Aramaic words of Jesus, “Talitha koum” means, “My child, rise up.” [Mark 5:41] Talitha Koum Institute’s mission is to positively impact the lives of young children by providing a multi-layered intervention which addresses cognitive development, sensory integration, and social-emotional health within the context of nurturing relationships. Our part to play in children’s lives is to work alongside their natural resilience and join with them and their families to build strong futures. The weekday, year-round program serves infants through five year olds. Therapeutic care is also offered to foster children who have either been adopted or are in the process of being adopted so that a forever home is more confidently achieved. Talitha Koum’s new Family Partner Program brings an added layer of support to the families of TKI children. Through the process of Family Coaching, we partner with parents to develop and fulfill action plans that will achieve their chosen goals. When a child leaves our care for public school, a carefully selected mentor or mentoring family walks alongside “from kindergarten to college or career.” Other volunteer opportunities abound. We invite you to come and see. Tours are available by request.

Talitha Koum Institute

1311 Clay Avenue

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