Sunshine Recovery House

Helping Women — One Second Chance at a Time

With a mission to support the marginalized women of Central Texas who are recovering from addiction, Sunshine Recovery House provides a second chance. They’ve been there, so they know how important the work they do at Sunshine Recovery House is. Now walking in sobriety, the staff and volunteers are able to use their experiences to help other women start their journey of freedom. One of the first things needed in the path to recovery is stability. Sunshine Recovery House provides them an affordable, safe, clean space to live and find freedom. If needed, they help supply food and hygiene, as well as basic living needs. In most cases, sources of addiction can be traced back to traumatic experiences. In order for people to heal from these experiences and learn healthy coping strategies to live sober, they need counseling. With a goal to help women not just overcome addiction but to take their place as thriving contributors to society; they do this by providing jobs in the community through their non-profit Unshakeable Milkshakes in Union Hall.

Sunshine Recovery House


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