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Dr. Charles Town and Associates are proud to serve the community with only the finest, state-of-the-art dental and orthodontic care. Their practice has a reputation for being fun, and a great place for families to receive a full range of oral healthcare. The four doctors at Stonehaven and their staff focus all their energy on making sure that each patient has a wonderful experience. After jaw surgery left him with a tremendous sense of gratitude to the dentists who helped him, Dr. Town was inspired to help change other’s lives through dentistry. An excellent dentist who has tremendous skill with all patients, Dr. Town was nominated for the 2017 New Dentist of the Year in Texas. Specializing in full mouth reconstruction, he has changed many lives with implants. He serves as a mentor and teaches implantology to doctors across the U.S. Dr. Lee attributes his interest in dentistry to his innate need to help patients feel confident by improving their smile and in turn, improving their lives. Dentistry is fun and exciting and Dr. Lee ultimately hopes to remove the negative stigma by providing a fun and interactive experience. Dr. Alexander has spent most of his career in a private-practice with his father, Dr. C Moody Alexander. He and his family developed the “Alexander Discipline,” a popular orthodontic technique and philosophy worldwide. Dr. Alexander specializes in offering his patients leading-edge orthodontic services and orthodontic appliances. Dr. Melissa Kupfersmith moved to Waco from Charleston, South Carolina where she was named Outstanding Dentist of her graduating class. A state rodeo champion, Kupfersmith grew up in Kansas and decided to become a dentist after a tremendous amount of dental work she had as a child gave her a new sense of confidence. Her passion is to share with others and build self confidence in all patients.

Stonehaven Dental & Orthodontics

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