St. Louis Catholic School

“Christ Is Our Model”

St. Louis Catholic School is honored to be voted Best of Waco for private elementary schools. For more than 50 years, St. Louis Catholic School has provided to the Waco and the surrounding areas an academically challenging, faith-based program that nurtures the spirit of its students. Students are exposed daily to values that will carry forward with them throughout their life. Art, music, Spanish, drama, technology and physical education are integrated into the core-curriculum. St. Louis Catholic School creates a community atmosphere where children are challenged academically and spiritually nurtured. Partnered with Reicher Catholic High School, St. Louis and Reicher provide a pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade faith-based program that is dedicated to the social, physical, intellectual, religious and psychological formation of its children.

St. Louis Catholic School

2208 North 23rd Street

Best of Waco

Private Elementary School, 2018

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