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Dr. Amanda R. Trotter and the team at Smart Mouth wants to thank Waco for voting the office Waco’s Best Pediatric Dentist! What makes Smart Mouth different and worthy of being chosen Waco’s Best for 10 years? Perhaps it is because the moment your family walks through the door and is welcomed by the team, you become part of the Smart Mouth family. Parents tell the team it is because the practice has a philosophy that matches their own values. Years ago, the office made a deliberate choice to see fewer patients every day to have longer appointment times. This allows for more individual attention to each child and time for conversation with parents at each appointment. Together, parent and dentist determine the proper path to dental health for each child. The team works hard to create a fun and friendly environment for delivering excellent dental care. Monthly whimsical decorating themes, contests and active patient participation keep your child engaged in their dental health. Achieving membership in the Smart Mouth “No Cavity Club” is desired by parents and children alike and recognized as an important marker in dental health. The practice continually pursues and invests in new technology that improves every patient’s care. New technology enables the team to detect cavities earlier, resulting in a smaller filling and preserving more natural tooth structure. All often without using x-rays, drilling or numbing. Although you will not find Smart Mouth on the lists of dentists provided by insurance companies, the practice always helps their parents understand and fully utilize their available insurance benefits. Smart Mouth is dedicated to forming lasting relationships with parents and patients, and is always open to accepting new families with like-minded values into Smart Mouth family! The team thanks you again for honoring Smart Mouth as Waco’s preferred provider.

Smart Mouth, PLLC

Dr. Amanda R. Trotter
211 Old Hewitt Road

Best of Waco

Pediatric Dentist
(2007, 2009-2017)

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