Shahana Hamilton

Vanguard College Preparatory School

Q: What are your study tips?

A: Make sure you are somewhere with minimal distractions and do not wait until the last minute to prepare.

Q: What is one thing you wish you’d known your freshman year?

A: I wish I had known how to manage my time better, taking into consideration extracurriculars.

Q: What has been your favorite and your most challenging subjects?

A: English is my favorite because it comes naturally to me. AP chemistry has probably been the hardest because it’s taken me the most time to try to understand.

Q: What are your plans for college?

A: I plan to study English and later pursue a career in the medical field, although I’m not sure yet if I’ll go to [medical] school or be a physician assistant. I’ve applied to many colleges, and I’m still waiting to hear back from them.

Q: Growing up, what is something your mother or father always told you?

A: They taught me how to pursue my goals no matter what obstacles came up.

Q: Was there one teacher who had a significant impact on you?

A: My English teacher, Ms. Ferretter, has inspired me for many reasons. She always remains positive and dedicated no matter what, and she’s accomplished things that I strive to accomplish.

Q: What is something most people don’t know about you?

A: I have a passion for taking sports photos but primarily track photos. As a member of the track team, I understand the sport and am able to capture the best angles and moments.

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