Sendra Camarillo

Harmony Science Academy

Q: What has helped you develop good study habits?

A: Changing the way I think about school and finding a way to stay motivated.

Q: Do you have any study tips to offer students?

A: Don’t view studying as a negative thing. Be more optimistic about it.

Q: If you could study anywhere in Waco, where would you go?

A: Cameron Park

Q: What is one thing you wish you’d known your freshman year?

A: When you’re in middle school, you have a very certain group of friends. But friends come and go as you change. We’re just starting our lives, so our friends will change.

Q: What is the best lesson you’ve learned from a teacher?

A: Be open-minded. When you close yourself to certain ways of thinking, you don’t get to see all the aspects of another person’s point of view. You won’t grow. Ms. Smith, my English teacher, taught us that.

Q: What are your school and community involvements?

A: Being involved is new for me because I didn’t attend Harmony until my sophomore year. I’m the programmer of an all-girl robotics team, and I’m vice president of National Honor Society.

Q: How do you decompress from a stressful schedule?

A: I tell a close friend how I feel. Otherwise, you have it bottled up inside.

Q: Use one word to describe yourself.

A: Caring.

Q: What do you plan to do after high school graduation?

A: I plan to attend a university. I was recently accepted to Baylor, but I’m not sure where I will go. I want to study business.

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