Sarah Mahler

Live Oak Classical School

Q: What has helped you develop good study habits?

A: Motivation to get things done. Studying is enjoyable for me because I can apply what I know to the world around me.

Q: Do you have any study tips to offer students?

A: When you’re studying, don’t think about it as absorbing facts. You are absorbing knowledge that can teach you wisdom for life, if you let it. If you study like that, you’ll get more out of it, and it will be more enjoyable. It can fill your life with wonder and purpose if you study in that way.

Q: Where is your favorite study spot?

A: Starbucks in Barnes & Noble or Common Grounds

Q: What is one thing you wish you’d known your freshman year?

A: Being a student isn’t all about performance or gaining the approval of your teachers. It’s about learning wisdom that can lead to a deeper understanding of your purpose. It can cultivate relationships that teach you how to give love and receive love. If someone had told me [when I was a freshman] that being a student is more than working hard and getting into college, my entire high school experience would have been a lot richer.

Q: What is the best lesson you’ve learned from a teacher?

A: My teacher, Mr. Josh Jeffrey, who taught literature in 11th grade, led class discussions of C.S. Lewis’ ‘The Weight of Glory.’ In studying the text, I learned how to look at each person as an individual. Each person has a free will. Everyone has a destiny, and in learning that, I wanted to get to know every person I meet. I appreciate people as wonderful beings because of the glorious creations that God has made them.

Q: What are your school and community involvements?

A: I’m vice president of National Honor Society and one of the team captains of cross-country, as well as manager of varsity girls basketball. I was a member of our One-Act Play and did a musical last year. In the community, I’m a student leader at Antioch Community Church. I’m also a waitress at the Olive Branch [Bakery &] Café.

Q: How do you decompress from a stressful schedule?

A: I feel overwhelmed sometimes, but I take my anxiety before the Lord and ask for peace. Things fall into place when I submit my tasks to the Lord. Although it’s crazy sometimes, I still can rejoice in the stress because I know that I am taken care of. I take study breaks, too. If I’m studying for exams, I’ll study for an hour and a half and then play piano or make myself coffee.

Q: Use one word to describe yourself.

A: Bubbly.

Q: What do you plan to do after high school graduation?

A: Right now, I’m set on Louisiana State University. I love Louisiana, and that’s where I want to go. I’m interested in majoring in public relations, English or business.

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