Sarah Campbell, PA – Functional Medicine

Stop Existing, Start Living

Simply stated, Functional Medicine looks at the root cause of illness. Instead of throwing medications on various symptoms (which often creates new symptoms), Functional Medicine asks the question, “why?” Why is the symptom there in the first place? The goal is to assist the body in the healing process and removing factors that are hindering the body from achieving optimal wellness. Many people who seek help from Functional Medicine are tired of being told they are “fine” when they don’t feel fine, or they are looking for options to help their loved one with special needs. Sarah Campbell, PA specializes in treating adults searching for answers as to why they always feel tired or feel older than their actual age. She also specializes in treating children with special needs using a Biomedical approach. To learn more, visit sarahcampbellpa.com.

Sarah Campbell, PA – Functional Medicine

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