Raising Wheels Foundation

Improving Accessibility Everywhere for Everyone

The Raising Wheels Foundation focuses on aiding families raising differently abled children to become empowered and enabled individuals through better access. Their mission is to provide resources and inspiration to parents raising differently abled children while advocating for the need for accessibility. The Raising Wheels Foundation is 100% volunteer based and donation supported to carry out the three initiatives of providing resources to parents, accessibility grants and universal changing spaces. Additionally, they raise funds through their annual Giving Trees Festival held every December in downtown Waco during Waco Wonderland. The Raising Wheels Foundation proudly serves families raising differently abled children (ages 3-18) who need better access to their world. Not only do they focus on their three core initiatives but they also have amazing free events like the Raising Wheels Wash ‘N Roll held annually where wheelchairs get washed, parents get pampered and kids roll out in style. “Come roll with us!”

Raising Wheels Foundation

P.O. Box 23234
Waco, Texas 76702