Premier ER & Urgent Care

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People desire quality healthcare that is both affordable and convenient for their busy schedules. Premier ER and Urgent Care provides the right level of care for patients when they need it. Our patients know Premier truly cares about them and that they aren’t just a number in the system. Premier is designed to minimize any wait time and provide the patient to a medical evaluation and care as quickly as possible. The medical team at Premier is committed to providing the optimal patient experience, taking the time to truly listen and understand what brought the patient in and how they can best serve them at that moment. Premier offers the “Best of Both Worlds”, by providing the highest level of care available with a fully licensed and staffed ER as well as a an urgent care. Among their priorities is getting the patient cared for in the most cost effective manner possible. Since opening Premier, the team has been able to treat nearly 70 percent of patients in the urgent care, resulting in significant savings to the patient. The team is also proud to have saved many lives and treated many significant injuries and sicknesses in the ER. “We love that we are able to run a business that truly makes a daily impact in our community every day,” said Paul Hamilton, vice president of Premier. “The patients we serve are usually not having the best day if they walk into our facility. It’s our job to turn their day around and send them home happy, even in seemingly dire circumstances,” he said. Premier loves the community they serve, and is proud to have been voted Best of Waco for the third year in a row.

Premier ER & Urgent Care

91190 Jordan Lane
221 South Jack Kultgetn Expressway
10207 China Spring Road, Suite 170
7010 West Adams Avenue

Best of Waco

Urgent Care (2015-2017)

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