Patrick Pullen at H-E-B Wooded Acres

Running into the grocery store on a busy day can seem like a chore — and we’re not always in the mood for shopping, making small talk or dealing with the rising cost of food. But when you pass Patrick Pullen in the H-E-B Deli, all the hurry and stress fades away. “The thing I love about my job is being able to help someone,” Patrick said. Whether he’s helping someone with their deli order or just greeting passersby, Patrick always has a smile on his face and an uplifting word. “I was raised to put myself last,” Patrick said. “I was raised to put God first and put others in between, so I don’t have time to worry about other things except providing service. Showing other people the same love God is showing me — that motivates me even more.” It may seem like Patrick never has a bad day, but he said it’s a choice. “I choose not to worry about what I can’t control,” he said. “I literally put it in the Father’s hands.” Patrick’s wife of 23 years and his four children — ages 20, 18, 16 and 14 — are his pride and joy. His faith, he said, is what makes everything work. There’s no doubt Patrick is going to show up for you at the deli counter, every single time. “It doesn’t matter who you are,” he said. “Could be family, a friend, a stranger. It may be somebody that we’re not on the same page. I’m doing what I’m doing to glorify God. So I look at individuals as He would and say, ‘Let me encourage you. Let me at least pray for you.’” — Gretchen Eichenberg

H-E-B Wooded Acres

1031 Wooded Acres Drive