Natural Primary Care

Primary care with a natural twist

Waco Center for Functional Medicine’s new Natural Primary Care offers a holistic approach to healthcare, giving patients the best of both worlds with natural and conventional care options. It’s ‘Primary Care with a Natural Twist.’ The team at Natural Primary Care provide comprehensive, judgment-free care tailored to fit your unique needs. They take a deeper dive into your health concerns through testing and recommend prescription treatments as well as vitamins, supplements and other outside of the box remedies. Whatever your preference, their knowledgeable staff will work with you to find the best solution for your health needs. Whether you’re an individual or family, no matter what stage of life, they are here to help you reach optimal health through natural or conventional solutions. In addition, they offer IV vitamin infusions for acute illnesses or for general wellness. Experience the difference that Natural Primary Care can make in your life and choose them for your journey towards better health!

Natural Primary Care

7005 Woodway Drive, Ste. 203