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My Bariatric Solutions is a service of Wise Health System. Their mission is to help patients reach their health goals by customizing a surgical or non-surgical weight loss solution. The health benefits of weight loss are numerous and the ones that come to mind immediately are increased mobility, energy and stamina. However, there are other, more severe health related conditions that improve or resolve completely which include diabetes (adult onset or type 2), high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, depression, urinary incontinence, acid reflux, joint pain and fertility. The team at My Bariatric Solutions offers a variety of options for weight loss including the gastric sleeve, the gastric bypass, LapBand, intragastric balloon, medical weight loss, revisions of previous weight loss surgeries and take over care of existing lap bands to include adjustments. One of the most exciting parts for patients is that many insurance policies cover weight loss surgery and My Bariatric Solutions will check your policy coverage for free. For those without coverage, the gastric sleeve starts at $8,500, so call or see MyBariatricSolutions.com for details. The team at My Bariatric Solutions is ready to help you throughout your weight loss journey. My Bariatric Solutions offers a specialized multi-disciplinary bariatric surgery team including surgeons Dr. Arsalla Islam and Dr. Heath Smith, bariatric nurses, bariatric licensed/registered dietitians, licensed exercise specialists, insurance and financial specialists and patient advocates who individualizes patient care to provide the knowledge and skills to be successful after weight loss surgery. Extensive education is provided both before and after surgery as part of preparing you for the journey, which includes the consult with the surgeon, consult with a registered dietitian followed by education modules accessed via the internet. This allows the surgical candidate to complete the modules conveniently from their home. The team of bariatric specialists are there for lifelong support. This commitment of support is evidenced by My Bariatric Solutions Mobile Unit, a traveling clinic to accommodate bariatric patients who have traveled great lengths to come to the facility. The goal is to make your journey as pleasant, smooth and exciting as possible. Ready to start your weight loss journey? With a variety of payment options to fit any budget, take the first step and contact My Bariatric Solutions today.

My Bariatric Solutions

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