Michelle Johnson

Publisher, Editor-In-Chief

During the final days of uploading one of our magazines in 2022 our Creative Director, Lonnie Bradley — featured on the cover this month — suffered a heart attack.

Before we knew it, he was having stints put in. Shock — total shock, we all felt. How, why and what on Earth? None of us would have expected Lonnie. He is young, he had been working out and our team had seen him the day prior — this was not on anyone’s radar. That day was business as usual discussing the cover and layouts but when he didn’t return any of our texts the following day, we knew something was majorly wrong. We were so thankful that he knew the signs to watch for: pain in chest and his arms were numb. Lonnie had the type of heart attack called the widow maker and we are thankful to say his sweet wife Sharon (also on the cover) wasn’t going to have that happen and rushed him to the hospital. After that day, Lonnie started changing his habits and we started taking notice and wanted to share his story with our readers on page 104, as well as one of our Waco Moms contributors, Tammi Nutt’s journey. You never know when it might be you and we have tips and signs to watch out for.

How awesome that Baylor University has a clinical professor in the Honors Program — who goes by his call sign Sparky — who was the first Surgeon General of the U.S. Space Force. He is quite remarkable, personable and is teaching future medical students daily with his experience and expertise. Kevin Tankersley had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Walter “Sparky” Matthews and to give our readers insights into what the future of medicine looks like as we explore healthcare in space and how 3D printing can make that possible.
We are so honored to have him in our magazine on page 96.

Lastly, as a staff we felt it was very important to touch on the fact that being healthy isn’t just physical, but mental too. Mental health can encompass so much. Discover how friendships affect both your mental and physical health on page 110 and maybe make new connections in your own life. Check out how a local rap artist and minister Ahmad Washington is uplifting the youth in Waco and beyond on page 62, tackling the isolation and self-esteem many young kids face today. And there is always hope. Jennifer Warnick, board member of the Central Texas chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, started the “Out of the Darkness” walk to light the way for those struggling with mental health issues. Read about her own personal experience and her hope to bring change on page 55. Talking about mental health can be hard, daunting, lonely and isolating. My family knows. My ask, is don’t be afraid to talk about it, keep checking in with your friends that suffer from it and whose family members suffer.

Love one another and always try to be part of the solution not the problem,