Michelle Johnson

Publisher, Editor-In-Chief

Our People of the 254 issue is always one of my favorites of the year, as we get to highlight as many Wacoans as we can in one feature article.

This year, throughout the entire magazine, you will find very talented and interesting Wacoans. I mean, that is what we try and do each month but this month we found some super special ones!

If you are new to Waco, let me tell ya that we are home to the Dr Pepper and also on page 93 you will find Roast Magazine’s Micro Roaster of the Year, a former U.S. National Soccer Team player, a recipient of the Sandra Day O’Connor Award for Professional Service Award for Professional Service at the Supreme Court and the first female Texas DPS Texas Ranger Major. DANG! I sincerely got goosebumps when reading the People of the 254’s bios and when our photographer, Breanne, started sending me screenshots of their photos at 10 p.m. one evening, I knew right away this editorial piece was going to be
a great feature. I am humbled by all of the great men and women that let us feature them this year.

Raise your hand if you have heard the song “Heart Like a Truck” playing on the radio or on that Ford TV commercial? Waco’s very own Trannie Anderson co-wrote the song that’s nominated for Song of the Year at the Country Music Awards and was recently named Song of the Year by the Nashville Songwriters Association International. Read about her journey on page 123 in The 254 by Kevin Tankersley.

So, I must do a little bragging in-house. I couldn’t do anything around here without the amazing team that I am surrounded with each day. We all take turns lifting each other up. I am thankful we don’t keep score. I am grateful, thankful and blessed. One of the true gifts we have around here are our interns! All three of our interns are also Ambassadors to the Journalism Department at Baylor. I am just so proud of them as I get to see them in action each week gathering Waco Weekend events, writing editorial for our Home and Style departments and posting social media — they are true rock stars! What is special about these young ladies is how well they work together as a team and with our Assistant Editor, Emily Ober. It truly shows their drive to learn and it is a bonus that they are all three great women on the inside too. Cheers to Avery Ballmann, Skylla Mumana and Katie Bradshaw.

Thanks to you, our readers, and for picking us up each month~

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