Michelle Johnson

Publisher, Editor-In-Chief

As Wacoans, we have all found ourselves here through many different ways, some native, others through a job opportunity.

Maybe through Magnolia or Baylor University — as was my case — or heck it could have been kicking and screaming. Whatever way you got to Waco, we all share one great big ole neighborhood! Howdy, Hi, Hello, Hey, Wave and a smile … I’m happy to present our Community issue — It’s packed full, y’all!

Someone pitched us an idea about covering the team mascots of area high schools. We instantly loved it! Now, when to do it? How to do it? Where to do it? How to factor in the scorching Texas heat and kids in heavy costumes? So, here is what we did; We called all area schools, gave a time, a location (with A/C) and boom! If your mascot could come, great! Read all about these awesome kids on page 77 in Behind the Mask, and watch out for the behind the scenes video by 360 Solutions of just what goes into making a WACOAN feature story. Many thanks to Lonnie Bradley with McKinnleyBrown & Bradley with the great layout design! We are loving the trading cards of each school mascot.

Our assistant editor, Emily Ober, has worn many hats over the years and one of them being a substitute in the Midway ISD M Power program. This incredible program teaches students with disabilities the independence and job skills to succeed after they leave the school system. Our writer Gretchen Eichenberg spoke with parents, students and teachers and its success it has had over the years in our feature M Power, Empowering Students
on page 92.

Another successful program in our Waco neighborhood is TSTC (Texas State Technical College) and Beth Wooten, newly named Provost, is Changing Perceptions. On page, 83 read about how their mission is to directly impact the economic development of Texas by growing the state and local workforce, which in turn attracts business and industry to the area.

And, yes the cutest little bear cub you ever did see is on our cover! An adorable cover shoot happened at a remote location off of Baylor’s campus and it was a delight for all. Especially for all of the Baylor Bears here at the office! To say we were excited is an understatement — Sic’Em Bears!

So, if you need help organizing school lunches, a last minute trip to San Antonio, style from local boutiques, new music from a Waco artist, need a new nonprofit to support or an event to attend, it’s all here every month on stands or at WACOAN.com. To quote one of my favs, “We are the people in your neighborhood, when you’re walking down the street, we’re the people that you meet” … Well you get the idea.

Have a great month —