Michelle Johnson

Publisher, Editor-In-Chief

If you chose to stay in Waco for the weekend, where would you go?

Our editor Emily set out this spring to stay, dine and explore our hometown at eight local staycation spots for all Wacoans to read about in our feature, A Waco Staycation. Each week, our office would get the lowdown on her place of the week. It was fun hearing about her experiences and truly just how different each stay was. One of her favorites was staying at the new AC Marriott Hotel downtown and lounging by the pool. A special amenity she shared was at Hotel 1928; they don’t have coffee makers in the room, they personally bring you a tray of freshly brewed coffee. This was perfect for a gal that doesn’t like to use tap water in her Keurig. The aesthetics, social life and just the “extra” of Hotel Herringbone was the talk of the office. From Lucky Buck’s Rooftop Bar and its 360 views of downtown to the wallpaper on the ceiling in the rooms to the option of live music most nights out in the courtyard, this new hotel has it going on. For me, I have been hearing the most buzz about Cambria and can’t wait to eat at The BLVD Steakhouse and listen to the piano at their bar. All of this to say, Wacoans, we have so many options for singles, families, couples, reunions and more right here in Waco.

If you are looking for adventures with your little ones, or for an adventure on your own, we have articles that are sure to inspire. Waco Mom’s share some indoor activity spaces around town on page 74 to have fun without the summer heat. A group of Wacoans, including Erick Romanov, found a way to train for a challenging rim to rim Grand Canyon trip by climbing Cameron Park’s Jacob’s Ladder. I love how this group trained in our hometown for an adventure of a lifetime. Read about their experience on page 87.

We also continued our live music series on page 84 with three more event spaces that are bringing local and national talent to our town. Texas Music Cafe might be new to some but they have been doing this for twenty plus years and this month, they are making news by becoming the first syndicated music show in Waco. I am so proud of Chris Ermoian and his team for digging deep in the trenches and hanging in there and can’t wait to keep sharing what they are doing.

This summer, my ask is that you get out there and Explore Waco. You might just find the perfect spot in our city for the summer or anytime during the year.

Happy summer!

Love Waco as we LOVE WACO ~