Methodist Children’s Home

129 Years of Ministry

Methodist Children’s Home (MCH) is a nationally accredited childcare organization that provides healthy relationships, cutting-edge trauma-informed care and a legacy of 129 years of ministry in fulfilling its mission to offer hope to children, youth and families through a nurturing, Christian community. MCH helps children and families reach their full potential through services that address physical, spiritual and educational development. MCH achieves this by delivering residential and community-based programs in Waco and family outreach offices in 13 cities throughout Texas and New Mexico. These services include foster care in selected locations, parent education and support for grandparents and other relatives who care for children in the absence of parents. Through all their services, MCH cares for more than 5,000 individuals each year. Their residential programs on the historic 130-acre Waco campus and the MCH Boys Ranch in nearby Axtell provide a caring, education-focused community designed specifically to meet the needs of the children in their care. Young people in their residential program and day students from the Waco community attend the MCH charter school on the Waco campus operated in collaboration with the University of Texas — University Charter School system. Since the founding of the school in 2004, more than 350 MCH students have received a diploma, and currently more than 90 are pursuing advanced degrees supported by scholarship funds generously provided by MCH donors. The MCH Family Outreach Center at 524 W. Waco Dr. serves Waco families through caregiver support, parent education and other programs designed to meet the needs of the community and strengthen families to help them provide a safe, stable and healthy environment. MCH achieves its mission because of generous benefactors, good stewardship, dedicated staff and resilient young people and families. Less than 6% of the budget comes from government funding and family support. They select young people for admission and serve families based on their ability to help them grow, not on their ability to pay for services. Supporters empower MCH to provide the highest level of care and life-changing experiences for children, youth and families. To learn how you can connect with the mission of Methodist Children’s Home or to receive more information about the Waco campus, MCH Boys Ranch or Waco Family Outreach Center, visit MCH.org or call 1-800-853-1272.

Methodist Children’s Home

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