Meals on Wheels

Happy 50th Anniversary!

Meals on Wheels can feed a senior for one year for approximately the same cost as one day in a hospital. Meals on Wheels Waco receives approximately 45 percent of funding from federal and state sources. The combination of federal, state and private funding is a great example of successful public-private partnership. However, Meals on Wheels has a waiting list. Because funding is limited, the organization has started a waiting list. The team needs community support to stop the wait and start the meals. The average age of clients is 80. If you were to deliver meals, you would most likely meet an eighty-year-old woman who is living independently and alone. Meals on Wheels is growing. The team prepares approximately 1,000 meals daily; the majority of these meals are delivered to clients’ homes and the rest are prepared for senior centers. Meals on Wheels is a compassionate program, but it’s also a fiscally responsible investment with proven success. It costs $6 a day to produce and deliver a meal. Research shows the program keeps seniors healthier, allowing them to stay in their homes instead of a Medicaid nursing home ($150 a day) or being hospitalized for malnutrition and dehydration ($1,500 a day). You can help by volunteering! The program loves volunteers who can deliver weekly, monthly or during holidays. To sign up, go to mowwaco.org. You can help by donating! For just $30, you will feed a senior for a week. For $120, you’ll feed one new client for a month. Donations can be made at mowwaco.org/donate or mailed to Meals on Wheels Waco, 501 West Waco Drive, 76707. Share your Meals on Wheels story with friends and the community. You are the program’s best advocate. Tell your story or share the program’s story on social media.

Meals on Wheels

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