McKenzie Chiropractic Center

McKenzie Chiropractic Center offers non-invasive procedures to alleviate back and neck pain. Its decompression machine and cold laser therapy relieve pain while offering a less expensive option than surgery. Dr. McKenzie and his uncle, Dr. Hubbard have a combined 54 years of chiropractic experience. McKenzie Chiropractic would also like to welcome Rachel Childress, BioEnergetic Practitioner and Wellness Consultant, and Tammy Hughes, RN, BioEnergetic Practitioner and Wellness Consultant to the practice. Providing a drug-free alternative to health care, The Waco Healing Room offers Nutrition Response Testing, Zyto Biofeedback testing and Evox Perception Reframing, and creates an individual nutrition plan for each client. Please call 254-644-4896 to schedule your nutrition testing appointment. To schedule an appointment with McKenzie Chiropractic please call 254-714-0054. McKenzie Chiropractic Center wished to thank the Waco community for 20 wonderful years.

McKenzie Chiropractic Center

3701 Bosque Boulevard

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