Mayborn Museum Complex

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An exciting new program at the Mayborn Museum on Baylor University’s campus is Portal to the Public, a program that connects visitors to scientists at the university to learn about the latest cutting-edge research being conducted there. Visitors meet scientists and engage in face-to-face interactions that promote an appreciation for and understanding of how current scientific research applies to their lives. Past presentations and activities involved learning about how the human brain works paired with cross sections of a brain. Other activities shared information about protecting the Waco water supply and using recyclable materials to make stronger concrete. Future presentations will involve activities related to zero gravity tests using a drop tower, experimental aviation, earth science and climate change. Check the Mayborn Museum website for dates and times of upcoming events. You may also contact Nancy Minter, Portal to the Public Coordinator at 254/710-1217 for more information on how to participate in these upcoming events.

Mayborn Museum Complex

1300 S. University Parks Drive | 254/710-1110

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