Living Springs Village Memory Care

With One Focus

Living Springs Village specializes in providing the best care for those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. As a leading dementia and memory loss assisted living facility in the Central Texas area, the highly-trained, interdisciplinary caregivers understand the finer nuances of caring for dementia sufferers. In contrast to larger, skilled nursing facilities, Living Springs offers increased staffing, better facilities and a high standard of care for residents. Enrichment activities are carefully planned and delivered to meet the specific needs of each unique resident. Residents also enjoy an array of amenities and services, including an on-site beauty parlor, home-cooked meals, a shaded courtyard, covered porch and securely mounted televisions in each individual room with cable and wi-fi included. This uniquely designed home is limited to 16 residents to allow for a superior level of personalized, compassionate care. When your loved one is a resident of Living Springs, your mind can rest at ease. Living Springs Village is locally owned and a proud partner of Music and Memory Program at Baylor University.

Living Springs Village Memory Care

8601 Old McGregor Road

Pictured are owners, Steve Wilson, Brent Wilson, Dr. David Myers, Michael Hillman and Executive Director Melanie Crain

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