La Hacienda San Diego


La Hacienda San Diego has been serving traditional Mexican food right from the heart of San Diego, Rio Verde, San Luis Potosi, Mexico since 2022. La Hacienda was voted by readers as runner-up for best tortillas in 2023. This family owned and operated restaurant was opened by two local Waco couples, Orlando and Maria Solano-Salas and Lupe and Luz Solano. La Hacienda is the establishment to enjoy a home cooked meal with fresh homemade tortillas, the best ingredients, in a welcoming family-friendly establishment. Stop by on a Friday and try their traditional tamborcitos and enchiladas from San Diego. Can’t make it on a Friday? They are opened daily where you can indulge in their famous menudo, burrito, sopes and gorditas. Thirsty? Try their Michelada!

La Hacienda San Diego

1229 N 18th Street | 254/652-8906
Facebook: La-Hacienda-San-Diego