Kristen Horner Warren, L.Ac., M.S., M.A., Dipl.OM

Live Oak Acupuncture & Wellness Center

Acupuncture is a minimally invasive and extremely safe procedure that strengthens the body’s own capacity to heal itself — no medication, therapy or surgery can do what acupuncture does! Kristen Horner Warren is a licensed acupuncturist with an advanced degree in physiology and a skeptical streak. She is the only professional in Waco with advanced training in both acupuncture and dry needling, which uniquely qualifies her to offer safe, gentle and cost-effective health care geared toward people who don’t think of themselves as the woo-woo type. Since 2003, Kristen has helped Wacoans with conditions from arthritis to allergies, menopause to migraines, fertility enhancement to fibromyalgia and sciatica to shingles. She has a knack for helping people with complex challenges cut through a sea of conflicting health advice and find relief. Visit the website for more information, including details about a new one-needle treatment for allergies, or call 254/741-6030. XT licensed acupuncturist #AC00703.

Kristen Horner Warren, L.Ac., M.S., M.A., Dipl.OM

201 Old Hewitt Road, Suite D

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