Korpi Posture & Alignment Muscle Therapy

Deborah Korpi, BGS, LMT, MTI, MMP, CEP, BCTMB

Korpi Posture & Alignment Therapy is a unique system of neuromuscular re-education, based upon Deborah’s years of training as a ballet dancer, ballet teacher and therapist. Her system re-establishes balanced muscle memory in three phases, resulting in total body realignment. Phase one evaluates overall muscle misalignment but begins with balancing the core. Phase two analyzes large muscle groups, and phase three addresses small muscle groups. Over time, this system enhances physical function at all stages of life, helps prevent injuries and reduces or eliminates most muscle pain. Consult your physician first for a medical evaluation. Deborah is a licensed and national board certified therapist for Massage and Bodywork and a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner.
TX license #MT042080, FL license #MA445939

Korpi Posture & Alignment Muscle Therapy

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