Katie Snapp & Catia Sykora

Mom Entrepreneurs | Waco Women in Business

Katie Snapp & Catia Sykora are each established Realtors with Camille Johnson Realtors and have been representing buyers and sellers in the Waco area for a combined 15 years. During that time, they became mothers, heavily involved in their communities and volunteered as writers and advertisers with Waco’s branch of City Moms Collective, a collection of over 90 locally-focused digital parenting resources with sites sprinkled throughout the United States. After witnessing firsthand the rapid growth and what a family friendly community Waco had become in recent years, Catia and Katie saw an opportunity to serve not only their clients, but local businesses and all their fellow moms throughout the Greater Waco area. In their second year as co-owners and directors of Waco Moms, these ladies have served and promoted over 100 local businesses in front of their hyper-local and targeted audience, hosted a monthly Coffee + Community mom hangout that reaches over 60+ moms and kids each month, planned and meticulously orchestrated three large annual vendor fairs and grew their social media following to nearly 10,000 and host 7,000 monthly website visitors and subscribers — all while maintaining their status as top producing Realtors and moms who truly love their families and their community.
Waco Mom’s next large event is a Moms Night Out on May 11 at Anthem Stories in downtown Waco. They host their Coffee + Community the last week of each month at various coffee shops throughout Waco. Find details at their website and on social media.

Katie Snapp & Catia Sykora

Instagram: @wacomoms