Karen Rollins, Ph.D., LPC

Fostering Understanding and Success

Knowledge is power — this is especially true when understanding the strengths and weaknesses of an individual. Whether it’s an in-depth interview, a series of questionnaires and/or a full psychoeducational assessment, uncovering and understanding each individual’s unique qualities paves the road to success.

Karen Rollins, Ph.D., LPC, uses many tools to better understand each individual. At her private practice, she helps to identify and support individuals with differences.

She has taught in public school and college where she co-authored and contributed to two books on twice-exceptional students. She has also trained teachers across Texas to understand learners and foster success, helped individuals and families better understand ADHD and counseled at the Baylor Counseling Center.

Currently, she focuses on psychoeducational testing; ADHD diagnosis and consultation/management for children, adolescents and adults; counseling including cognitive behavioral therapy, polyvagal-based therapy and EMDR; and academic and executive function coaching.

Karen Rollins, Ph.D., LPC

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