Joshua Gain

Harmony Science Academy

Q: Do you have any study tips?
A: I’d tell younger students to study. And find something that works for you because not everyone learns in the same way. For me, it helps to be in a quiet area without distractions.
Q: What is one thing you wish you’d known in your freshman year of high school?
A: Don’t spend your time trying to fit in with other people. Be selective with your friends.
Q: What is the best lesson you’ve learned from a teacher?
A: My mom was my teacher at one time. She taught me to try harder in school. That was in fourth grade, but it’s probably why I’m valedictorian now.
Q: What are your school and community involvements?
A: I’m most devoted to Art Club. I also participate in the Spanish folklore dance.
I like to visit Shepherd’s Heart.
Q: With a busy schedule, what do you do to unwind?
A: I’m a writer, so I write down everything. I get it all on paper so I can dispose of it.
Q: What do you plan to do after graduation?
A: I’m looking at Howard Payne University and Abilene Christian. I plan to study linguistics or creative writing.

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