Johnson Roofing

Protecting What Matters Most Since 1941

Johnson Roofing continues a family legacy of integrity, business savvy and strong Christian values that began in the 1920’s with Jack and Margaret’s grocery store and construction business and in the 1940’s with Bill, who built Johnson Roofing into the widely successful company it is today. With an extensive portfolio of roofing and restoration projects, the company is still growing. “From Baylor’s McLane Stadium to your grandmother’s back porch, no job is too big or too small for Johnson Roofing.” Company leadership says they are blessed to have Texas’ number one roofing team at Johnson Roofing. They are the real heroes that battle the elements and install the very best roof systems in the world. Johnson Roof Management is the service and maintenance division of the company and it is growing rapidly. Regular maintenance on the roof can extend the lifespan significantly. Johnson Roofing University is a career plan and training curriculum that will allow team members to advance their knowledge and their position in the company. The future is really bright at Johnson Roofing. In fact, they recently opened a North Texas branch office in Arlington. They are looking forward to a blessed and prosperous 2020 and all that God is doing in their company and their lives.

Johnson Roofing

574 Youngblood Road