Jill Barrett

Falcon & Owl

Jill Barrett, a visionary entrepreneur, made her mark on Waco by opening and owning Common Grounds from 1994-2012 —Waco’s first coffee shop and music venue. In 2015, Jill and her husband Josh founded Hospitaller Holdings which focuses on design-inspired vacation rentals. In addition, they are currently developing their downtown Waco commercial property, a European-inspired project.

Jill recently opened Falcon & Owl, an art and antique haven on Fifth Street, featuring timeless antiques from around the world. She has earned a reputation for an eclectic design aesthetic that melds beauty with functionality. Beyond the brick and mortar location, Jill may also be found three times a year in Roundtop, Texas at Marburger Farm, The Arbors and Blue Hills antique shows. Her commitment to excellence is further exemplified through the Jill Barrett Art Reserve, featuring an exclusive collection of Peter Keil’s work, the last living artist to collaborate with legends Picasso and Miró. Throughout her endeavors, Jill continues to create atmospheres that beckon those who seek solace in alluring spaces — all of which solidify her status as an industry innovator.

Falcon & Owl

210 South 5th Street
Instagram: falconandowl