Jessica Attas, Prosper Waco

Inspiring change, achieving results

The Prosper Waco Board of Directors is pleased to celebrate Jessica Attas’ one-year anniversary of serving as the organization’s CEO. Jessica became the CEO of Prosper Waco in March 2023, after serving four months as interim CEO. A native Wacoan, Jessica is proud to lead and serve alongside the Prosper Waco team as they seek to build an environment in which all Waco community members are able to measurably improve their education, health and financial security.

Using an innovative approach to community work known as the Collective Impact model, Prosper Waco brings together area leaders, key stakeholders, nonprofits and a wide range community partners to comprehensively address barriers to education, health and financial security that many Wacoans face. By convening expert and diverse perspectives, identifying long-term solutions and sharing data and resources necessary to reach collective goals, Prosper Waco seeks to be a faithful partner to others who are working to strengthen, nurture, improve and align our community’s systems, making it a place where all individuals and families can flourish.

Jessica Attas, Prosper Waco

1105 Wooded Acres Drive, Suite 400