Jesse’s Tortilla Factory

Celebrating 57 Years

Jesse Contreras opened Jesse’s Tortilla Factory with one roller machine in 1958. Jesse and his wife, Esther, didn’t have much, but they dreamed of owning their own restaurant. Jesse’s mother, Bonifacia Contreras, helped her son grow his business. Then in 1989, Jesse was killed during an attempted armed robbery at the tortilla factory. Esther took over the business, honoring Jesse with her commitment to her staff and customers. At Jesse’s the staff makes tortillas much like the founders did. Alicia Rodriguez, Jesse’s daughter, grew up at the tortilla factory, watching Jesse prepare perfect tortillas. Now Alicia manages the tortilla factory in away that would make her father proud.

Jesse’s Tortilla Factory

1226 Webster Avenue

Best of Waco Winner

Tortillas (2015)

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