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Kari Barron, ND

Life should be enjoyable and have purpose, but that’s difficult when you’re not at the level of health you desire. Exhausted, achy, frustrated and needing emotional support? Kari Barron, the Naturopathic Doctor at It Is Well, can help weed through the noise of confusing health information, give straight answers and provide simple steps to live a pain-free, healthy and fulfilling life. Self-help energy therapies, emotional support remedies, biofeedback and energizing foot spa treatments are part of It Is Well’s ever expanding services. You can join a natural health class on subjects like homeopathic remedies, healthy eating or natural techniques for emergencies. Visit itiswell.biz or schedule a 15 minute discovery call, and let Kari help you get to the root of your issue. God made your body to heal itself and made you for a beautiful purpose. Discover what you can do naturally to live your most fulfilling life.

It Is Well – Natural Health Solutions

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