Hormones by Design

Feel Better from Day One

Hormones by Design is here in Waco to help women feel their best. Dr. Melissa Miskell is a board-certified Gynecologist who has been a specialist in hormone therapy for 15 years. Suzi Hancock, a women’s health Nurse Practitioner, has worked with women here in Waco for over 37 years. Their innovative technique for administering hormones has proven to ease the effects of menopause and minimize the negative side effects that can be caused by pharmaceutical hormone replacement therapies. They do not believe hormones should be administered in predetermined dosages. At Hormones by Design, every woman is treated individually. They work with each patient personally to get them and their body feeling the best it has in years. The team at Hormones by Design will listen to each patient’s concerns and by using their blood work and symptoms, a unique treatment is designed. Uniquely created, just like you.

Hormones by Design

6600 Fish Pond Road, Suite 202A

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