Hewitt Public Library

Waynette Ditto, Library Director

Since 2009, Waynette Ditto has been living her dream as director of the Hewitt Public Library (HPL). She is not only an advocate for the library but also for the entire Hewitt community, especially the disenfranchised. Ditto has been a voice for libraries at the state level, sharing her knowledge of issues, deep compassion, and connections to local and state services. She believes that the library’s well-earned status as a trusted community resource gives it a vital role in shaping civic engagement. Ditto is active in helping people care about and work to make a difference in the places they call home. No longer a passive repository of books, Hewitt Public Library is an active and responsive part of the community and an agent for change. “I have an open door to my office,” Ditto said, “and I’m here to help by connecting people to the library.”

Hewitt Public Library

200 Patriot Court