Glazer’s Beer & Beverage

Serving the Greater Waco area for 25 years

For more than a quarter of a century, Glazer’s Beer & Beverage has been a cornerstone of the Greater Waco community. Their commitment to excellence extends beyond refreshing drinks — it’s about empowering women in business. Women bring unique viewpoints and enrich decision-making processes at Glazer’s, and they celebrate this diversity, fostering innovation and creativity. Their Waco branch champions women at every level. From Courtney Gilmore, their dedicated Brand Manager, Courtney Ray, trustworthy Office Manager to Tricia Duplantier, the Sales Coordinator, their precise Pricing Analyst, Tonya Kitts and the entire team, they’re committed to equality. Glazer’s actively seeks female candidates for all roles. They believe in dismantling gender stereotypes and creating pathways for success. Their Sales Consultant, Evan Leist, Merchandising Specialist, Mya Garrett and Branch Clerks, Brittany Martinez and Shelley Martinez, serve as role models. They prove that passion and dedication know no gender boundaries.

Join them in raising a glass to the women of Glazer’s Beer & Beverage. Visit their website for exciting opportunities and to be part of their dynamic team!

Glazer’s Beer & Beverage

2525 Texas Central Parkway