Gholson Originals Fine Jewelry

Design. Repair. Restore.

Gholson Originals Fine Jewelry is honored to have been named Best Jewelry Store by Wacoan readers. Gholson Originals is locally owned and lovingly operated. Bob and Sissi Gholson work together to dream up designs and repair and restore jewelry along with their son Cole, while also offering a large selection of gifts. The Gholsons’ can bring new life to sentimental pieces of jewelry as they walk the customer through every phase of repair. The Gholsons’ have had the honor of crafting pieces for every occasion, whether it be weddings, graduations or other life events. Gholson Originals offers the finest loose diamonds and gemstones in their beautiful showroom, full of unique pieces ready for purchase. And they do it all with unmatched service and excellence. Shop local and get it at Gholson’s!

Gholson Originals Fine Jewelry

2036 North Valley Mills Drive
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