Gail LaBrush at Shipley Do-Nuts

If you’ve been to Shipley Do-Nuts in the Crossroads West Shopping Center anytime since 1995, chances are likely that you’ve been greeted by Gail LaBrush, who just started her 30th year working at the shop. At a proud 82 years of age, she starts her shift at 7:30 a.m., but for about 14 years, she would get to work at 3 or 3:30 in the morning. Gail was born in Milwaukee and has been in Waco since 1974. “On July 15, it will be 50 years that I’ve been here,” she said. Before joining Shipley, she and her husband, Al, ran Hewitt Automotive. Al died in 2010. Gail has two daughters and three grandchildren, all who live in the Waco area. She said she loves her customers, her co-workers and her bosses. She doesn’t mind getting to work early and greeting those customers with a big smile. “It’s Jesus in me that you’re seeing. It’s not me. I cannot take credit for it. It’s Jesus in me that people are seeing,” she said. — Kevin Tankersley

Shipley’s Do-Nuts

8810 Woodway Drive
Suite 505