Friends for Life

Would you like to show someone you care?

It is easy to take reading for granted if you can read, but when you can’t, the world is a different place. It’s hard to find your way if you can’t read street signs. How do you order food when you can’t read the menu? When Friends for Life began teaching clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities to read, the importance of reading became clear. Clients line up to learn to read asking ‘can I be next?’ and ‘is it my turn?’ Friends for Life is now taking these reading classes beyond the computer lab in their Adult Day Center and into nursing homes where their trainers teach clients to be more independent.
Friends for Life helps seniors and adults with disabilities live the best life possible. Their adult day center provides nursing care during the day as well as meals, transportation, activities and opportunities for positive interaction. Friends for Life is appointed by courts in counties across Texas to serve as guardian for people who lack decisional capacity when there is no family qualified and willing to serve. They provide money management services to people who are not able to pay their bills which prevents homelessness, hunger and helps stop exploitation. Friends for Life organizes volunteers who help seniors live independently as long as possible and also improve the quality of their lives. Friends for Life is expanding its telephone reassurance program to reach more homebound seniors with weekly calls to make sure they are safe and that they know someone cares.
Volunteer with Friends for Life by teaching someone to read, visiting or calling a lonely homebound senior, providing transportation to the doctor, or delivering food. There are dozens of ways to volunteer at Friends for Life and each is a way to show someone you care.

Friends for Life

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