Freddie Kish’s Complete Car Care Center

Hailey Fitzhugh, Jeanna Kish, Renee Higginbotham

Auto repair shops are typically thought of as greasy, dirty places with weird odors and sweaty men, but Jeanna Kish has changed that. At FKCCCC, everyone will feel comfortable and be treated with respect, especially female customers. Along with Jeanna, the team is proud to have the contributions of Hailey and Renee. Hailey is a service writer that knows more about cars than most men and has a background in automotive repair. Renee’s experience and organizational skills are essential to keep the office running smoothly and she is does it all with a smile. They along with the rest of the 20-employee team have helped FKCCCC become Waco’s most respected shop, winning multiple awards including being voted #1 by Locals Love Us and readers of Wacoan magazine. Stop by for fresh-popped popcorn, coffee, fresh pellet ice and filtered water served daily while your vehicle is repaired on the meticulously clean shop floor. For your next repair, consider getting “Kished” and see what a difference they have made.

Freddie Kish’s Complete Car Care Center

5300 Franklin Avenue
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