Faith Butler

Robinson High School

Q: What are your study tips?

A: Something that I’ve found really useful is to not only have a quiet space to work in but also to leave all technology out of the area you’re working in because it’s so easy to get distracted.

Q: What is one thing you wish you’d known your freshman year?

A: My freshman year I was really shy and kind of intimidated by the high schoolers. I wish I’d known to have more confidence and that if you want to be accepted for who you are, you have to show people who you are.

Q: What has been your favorite and your most challenging subjects?

A: My favorite subject has been anatomy. Most challenging, I would say, would be my physics class.

Q: What are your plans for college?

A: I plan on going to Texas A&M University. I’ll be the fourth child in my family to go there, so it’s kind of a tradition now. I plan on majoring in nursing and then hopefully going to [medical] school after that.

Q: Growing up, what is something your mother or father always told you?

A: My mom always wanted me to do well in school, but she was always telling me as long as I did the best that I could and tried my hardest, she’d be proud of me.

Q: Was there one teacher who had a significant impact on you?

A: In my eighth grade year I had an English teacher named Mrs. Holland who’s had the biggest impact on me ever. We talked about a lot of things like the Holocaust and genocide and real things that were happening around the world.

Q: What is something most people don’t know about you?

A: I’ve gone to Robinson since kindergarten, but most people don’t know that I was actually born in Japan.

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