Enrich Seniors

Enhancing the Lives of Seniors

Enrich Seniors is a nonprofit organization that is compassionately dedicated to improving the lives of seniors in the community. Della Ryberg and Casey Moore, founders and directors, have always had a heart for the elderly. Their careers have exposed them to this under-served population and the reality of their daily struggle. As they worked to meet the needs of the isolated and lonely, they realized there was so much more that could be done. Enrich Seniors opened their doors on April 1, 2016. The team is passionate about enriching the lives of this great generation. Enrich Seniors offers Senior Independence Programs, programs that support low-income seniors by helping them maintain their independence for as long as possible. These programs include transportation, grocery shopping, yard mowing, household repairs, emergency food pantry and seasonal programs to keep seniors happy and healthy during the winter and summer months. Senior Enrichment Programs focus on enhancing the life of seniors through meaningful interaction and relationships. Touchline provides daily check-in calls to seniors. “Remembering You” remembers seniors’ birthdays and special holidays throughout the year. Other special Enrichment Programs include the Salute & Honor Veterans Program, visits from a “paw pal,” chaplain services and much more. All of these services are free of charge to their clients and made possible by generous donors and dedicated volunteers. The team at Enrich Seniors encourages you to volunteer; the five-minute application is found on the website. Enrich Seniors also encourages you to donate; donations of any monetary value (big or small) can be made on the website or by mail. Also, mark your calendars for this year’s fundraising event: Battle on the Brazos Dragon Boat Festival. The Festival will be held on August 19, 2017. Go to enrichseniors.org for more information and to become a sponsor or to register your team.

Enrich Seniors

5400 Bosque Boulevard, Suite 215 | 254/339-1651
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