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Four Generations - A Century representing Central Texas

The Dunnam & Dunnam Law Firm is, and always will be, a family-owned law firm. It is one family that began serving local families almost 100 years ago. It is now a larger family continuing that legacy and looking forward to continuing that tradition for generations to come.

The firm was founded in 1925, by William Dunnam. William “Bill” Dunnam Jr. and Vance Dunnam Sr. soon joined the firm and exemplified aggressive representation of their clients, which has become the law firm’s battle cry to this day. The firm maintains a noted reputation of serving this community with the highest standards and results. As time has passed, the Dunnam & Dunnam Law Firm has had many attorneys that have worked side by side with its founding fathers. These attorneys, although not Dunnams, have been trained to practice law the Dunnam way, consistent with the firms high standards and results.

The Dunnam & Dunnam Law Firm has produced throughout the years three members of the Texas House of Representatives, a Texas Supreme Court Judge, a Federal District Court Judge, as well as two current McLennan Country District Court Judges.

Attorneys in the Dunnam firm are skilled and tenacious advocates, with members holding five Board Certifications in Legal Specialization from the State Bar of Texas: Civil Trial Law, Family Law, Probate and Estate Planning, Commercial Real Estate Law and Residential Real Estate.

The firm’s attorneys are sought after because of the results they obtain for their clients and they believe that clients deserve a legal team that is experienced, accessible and fully able to handle their needs.

The people who know Waco know to contact Dunnam & Dunnam — a family of Waco attorneys that has been helping Waco families for almost 100 years.

Photos left to right: Willam Dunnam Sr., William “Bill” Dunnam Jr. and Vance Dunnam Sr.

Dunnam & Dunnam Law

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