Dr. Charles Guy – The Face Guy

Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas

Headed by Dr. Guy, Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas became Waco’s first plastic surgery practice dedicated solely to the face. Throughout his career, Dr. Guy has been known for his approachability and expertise. Now at this state-of-the-art facility, he offers his focused attention to the face with surgical and non-surgical options; including face lifts, nose jobs, eye lifts, Botox, fillers, ear pinning, lip lifts, neck lipo, laser resurfacing, acne scar treatments, facial skin cancers, Mohs reconstruction, nasal airway surgery and so much more. Many of these procedures can be done in office. Patients call him “The Face Guy” because that’s precisely what he does — he helps people along the journey of loving their face. If there’s a procedure you would like more information on or if you have a concern you want to discuss with Dr. Guy, call to schedule a consultation or visit thefaceguy.com. The best you is what we do.

Dr. Charles Guy – The Face Guy

101 Burnett Court, Suite B
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